peach-coloured background background with blue shades background with pink shades
You are looking for a fragrance for:
landscape sea mountains sand dunes lavender field tree trunk Orange tree field
If you were a landscape,
you would be:
An oasis among a sea of Sahara dunes
A field of lavender in Provence
A Sequoia forest in California
A valley of orange trees in Andalusia
musical vibrations barbera ballad Hip hop ballad Musical instrument violin Musica jazz
If you were a melody,
you would be:
A Berber ballad with a hypnotic melody
A rhythmic and energetic hip hop track
A harmonious classic symphony
A jazz standard with deep notes
Drink Hot toddy drink Margarita Cocktail Cocktail tequila sunrise Manhattan cocktail
If you were a cocktail,
you would be:
A warm and comforting Hot Toddy
A refreshing and fragrant Margarita
A Tequila Sunrise with orange bitters
A Manhattan with intense whiskey flavours
palette cololos Art Nouveau impressionist landscape Byzantine mosaic mountain landscape
If you were a work of art, you would be:
A romantic and precious Art Nouveau portrait
An open, fresh, colourful Impressionist landscape
An elegant, opulent, golden Byzantine mosaic
A warm, intense, evocative Dutch hunting scene
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You are looking for a fragrance that is:
Your Scent
Your scent
Sensual Patchouli
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